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About True Hearted Doodles

Our dogs love us.

Our passion is to bring joy to your family.

I grew up on a family farm with lots of animals. My love for animals, and in particular dogs, has brought me much joy and I would like to share that joy with you by providing a happy, healthy bundle in a puppy.

I married my beautiful wife Marlene in 2017 and we welcomed our first born son Winston Carl in 2018 and a daughter Brielle Jane in 2020. Our children love to play with the puppies and would like to keep them all, but we constantly receive pictures and videos from our fur babies so that makes letting them go a little easier. It is very rewarding to us to be able to watch our babies grow up.


Our journey began in 2008 when I received an English Bulldog puppy as a gift from my uncle. And I decided to have a litter with her. I had so much fun finding homes for them, I decided this is what my heart desires. Due to the high maintenance breed of the English Bulldog, we no longer breed Bulldogs.


With the loyal, people pleasing, easygoing personality of the Golden Retriever and the intelligent, playful, temperament of the Poodle we fell in love with the Goldendoodles. We specialize in Goldendoodles but also breed Golden Retrievers and Poodles, so our quality of the Goldendoodles are as high as possible.

We started breeding Goldendoodles in 2012 and over the years have been increasing the quality by DNA testing with Embark and OFFA certifying our parents to ensure there are no hereditary diseases. We have also added a few other designer breeds like the Cavapoo and Golden Cavadoodle (GoldendoodleXCavapoo).

Visit About Golden Cavadoodles in the sight menu for more information on this breed.

We are on a family farm of 60 acres with horses, cows, sheep, chickens, cats and our precious dogs. With plenty of room to run and play, our dogs and puppies are able to go outside every day. And they receive daily love including top notch Veterinary care. 

Feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

Our Family

Rudy, Marlene, Winston, and Brielle
Winston and Brielle
Our dogs love us.
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